Where do you make your garments?

All of my garments are made in The Netherlands. Some are developed directly in our studio in Eindhoven, and others are made by local tailors from The Netherlands. The tailors play a big role in the development of the collection, we work closely with them to find the perfect balance between technical precision and aesthetical goals.
Where do you source your fabric?

We work with a limited stock of carefully selected fabrics and offer endless colours to choose from. The left over stock fabrics are bought at local fabric vendors who collect leftover materials from the textile industry. The limited availability of these dead stock fabrics gives me the chance to change my colour palette constantly and play with different weights and textures. In the broad variety of fabrics available one can find wrinkled linen, silk crepe, coated cotton and many more exceptional fabrics.
Do you re-stock items that are sold out?

Not exactly. Since I work with left over stock fabric I always have a very limited amount of items in 1 specific colour or fabric. However, my collection is seasonless which means I will always sell the same items that you see online, but they are constantly changing colour. If there is a style that you like but you cant find in my webshop, send me a quick message and we will develop a bespoke piece for you.
Are all the garments in your pictures for sale?

Definitely! However, many of these items are available by order only. This allows me to avoid developing huge quantities of stock items in standard sizing and gives me the change to only develop garments when there is a specific request from a customer.
How much do you charge for a bespoke piece?

For a made to measure piece we charge 15 to 20% extra on the regular price depending on the difficulties of the adjustments. However, after having developed your personilised blueprint we keep it in our archive which makes it very easy to order the same garment in a different fabric or colour. No sur-charge will be applied for a follow up order of the same garment.
Do you also make clothes for men?

Yes we also have some menswear items in our collection.
How do I wash my garments?

Your purchased garment came with an elaborate hangtag, telling you exactly what the suitable washing instructions are for this specific item. If you have lost this hangtag, we suggest you take your garment to the dry cleaners. Hanging your coat outside in the fresh air is also a good remedie against unwanted odours or wrinkles.
I received a damaged item. What can I do?

We are very sorry if your product arrived damaged. Please contact info@stellaverdult.com immediately and follow the steps below:

1. Shortly describe the problem: when, where, why.

2. Please take a few pictures that show the problem from more than one angle.

3. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Do you also offer workshops?

I don't offer sewing workshops but I am currently developing a workshop on sustainable fashion design and how to implement a sustainable approach on all levels of the fashion industry. Send me a message if you are interested.
Coffee or Tea ?

If, for whatever fun reason, you believe we should meet I suggest you stop by at our inspiring studio in the heart of Eindhoven. Just let me know if you prefer coffee or tea and a cup of your choice will be waiting upon arrival.