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This oversized parka is made out of a light weight polyester and is perfect for in between seasons. The volume in the back creates a show stopper effect, yet its matte fabric and modest detailing turns it into a casual-chic timeless piece. The coat is carefully finished with piped seems, a wide cuff and counterbuttons for extra strength.



-100% Polyester

-2 side pockets

-2 small innerpockets

-No lining

-Gathering in the back

-Slit in the bottom

-Wash instructions: Dry cleaner



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Who made my clothes?

Your coat was made by Helma & Andrea. Helma developed the paper pattern and Andrea sew this piece. Both Helma and Andrea are independent tailors living in The Netherlands.

Why was my coat designed?

This parka emerged from my personal need to have an interseasonal coat with lots of volume. Perfect for layering during chilly winter months and during warmer summer days it’s light weight fabric moves loosely around your body and looks great with rolled up sleeves and a sharp pair of sunglasses.

Wear & Care

You might have noticed the small buttons on the inside of your coat. These counter buttons are not as useless as you might think, they hold the bigger buttons in place which reduces the chance of them falling off. Don’t worry if this ever does happen, since we included a small mending kit to your purchase. If you still manage to loose all buttons and don’t feel comfortable about mending your own garment, come by the studio and we will do it together. We should all take better care of our clothes, and we are happy to help you with that.


The fabric that we used for this coat is not waterproof, only slightly water-repellent. The sleeves are constructed in a way that there are no seams on top of your shoulder which will help keep the first drops of rain out. Having said that, we still suggest you to leave the house prepared since these smart design choices are no replacement for an umbrella.


When caring for this garment we would like to share 3 valuable rules: Take your coat to the dry cleaners, store it on a broad-shouldered hanger and avoid mossy park benches since they leave nasty stains and we have not yet met the grandmother with the perfect remedy. 

Colour note:

We could propose endless amazing colour combinations for this extraordinary Orange parka but it’s more fun to unravel the potential of this vibrant colour yourself. However, we do suggest you steer clear from primary red and primary yellow.


Our garments tend to fit large and oversized. If you usually wear an M, L or XL, we recommend you order our size L. If you are short and petite, we recommend that your order the size M. Sanne, Rachel en Ilga (the sweet ladies in the pictures) all wear a size L, and their body heights vary between 169-178cm.

According to traditional sizing our coat in size L would be considered too big for Ilga (the one with the grey hair), but we think it looks perfect!

Walking around with lots of wavy fabric is exactly the look that we are going for.


Total length Coat Size M: 118cm

Total length Sleeve Size M: 72cm

Total length Coat Size L: 128cm

Total length Sleeve Size L: 82cm



Sanne Kaal

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Dark Mauve, Lilac, Orange, Stone

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