Stella Verdult graduated in 2010 from the art academy Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam, specializing in the study of colour. For the following 2.5 years she lived in Paris and worked in the luxury fashion industry. After Paris she moved to Spain to work as a commercial designer for the world’s largest fashion retailer. After 5 years abroad she moved back to The Netherlands to start her own company. Her love for colour and passion for clothing finally met when she launched her own made to measure collection in 2015. 

“Having worked for internationally renowned fashion companies I learned that standard sizing is a very shallow concept since women don’t have standard bodies. With my collection I try to break this pattern and offer an alternative.”

The entire process of choosing the fabric, buttons, wrapping paper and hangtag comes about as a result of the same love and dedication for colour that is visible throughout all of Stella’s work.
"A constant search for new colour combinations is the driving force behind my work."