“Try leaving your clothes to dry in the wind since this will give your garment that addictive sunny fragrance, and is also very environmentally friendly”

Let’s take a moment to discuss the wear& care of your garment, since we want you to enjoy your new purchase for many years to come.

Since we are not a big fan of itchy side labels we ship each garment with an elaborate hangtag. This hangtag describes the characteristics of your garment such as the handfeel of the fabric, it’s colour and how to handle your new purchase with care. It also contains a mini s.o.s kit with a spare button, matching thread and a needle. Don’t worry, we have already placed the thread through the needle, since this minor step in the mending process makes many people nervous. If you end up losing a button and find yourself sitting down to repair your garment, we recommend you roam through your closet and use the opportunity to mend those old socks, the loose hem of your favourite pair of trousers or any other neglected item that was damaged by it's use.

Avoid washing your garment too often, and if you do, use a low temperature and a modest amount of detergent. A positive choice for both your garment and the globe. As mentioned above, a fresh breeze can do wonders for unwanted odours or wrinkles.
Take a moment of reflection and prepare your wardrobe for the arrival of a new team member.
Last but not least; some wardrobe management advice...

There is no way of knowing what your wardrobe looks like, or how you compose the content of your closet. However, the likelihood of you having a few abandoned pieces laying around in the back of your closet, or even worse, stored away in a suitcase in the attic is very high. Let’s use the arrival of this new purchase as a moment of reflection. Your new coat might need the help of that unappreciated heavy-knit cardigan in colder winter days, or those oversized pair of bleached jeans that you have forgotten about might finally give this new look the playfulness that it needs.

No need for a radical spring clean up, just a moment of reflection on preparing your current wardrobe on the arrival of a new team member.